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Subject: Life Below Water
This discipline is all about the number 14 Goal – Life below water. It is described like this:

Healthy oceans and seas are essential to our existence. They cover 70 percent of our planet and we rely on them for food, energy and water. Yet, we have managed to do tremendous damage to these precious resources. We must protect them by eliminating pollution and over-fishing and immediately start to responsibly manage and protect all marine life around the world.

There are max. 10 points per question.

Question 1:
Target 14.1 has this icon but what is the target about?
  1. Reduce marine pollution
  2. Stop artificial feeding of small fish
  3. Ensure enough food for all fish
Write the answer to the question
Question 2:
Target 14.5 talks about conservation of coastal and marine areas. We have quite a few marine nature reserves in the Nordic. But which one is the OLDEST IN NORWAY?
  1. Grånåsmyrane
  2. Bøyaøyra
  3. Skogteigen
Write the answer to the question
Answer (with text):
The Skogteigen coniferous forest reserve in Luster was established in 1914
Question 3:
We should buy local and certified fish. The Marine Stewardship Council has a Certification "stamp". If we buy and eat fish with this stamp we have made the better choice. But what is the stamp called?
  1. MSC blue ecolabel
  2. Blue fish
  3. Approved fish
Write the answer to the question
Question 4:
Target 14.7 aims at increasing the economic benefits to small island developing States by sustainable use of marine reserves including?
  1. Whales, sea lions and penguins
  2. Fish, seaweed and saltwater
  3. Fisheries, aquaculture and tourism
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Question 5:
What is the national fish of Finland?
  1. The Cod
  2. The Perch
  3. The Salmon
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Question 6:
Life below water is both about the sea, the lakes and the streams. In Sweden, hydro power (using running water to produce electricity) is a big thing. According to the Word Energy Council, how many hydro power plans are operating in Sweden?
  1. 2057
  2. 2570
  3. 2750
Write the answer to the question
Question 7:
Tap-water or drinking water in Denmark comes almost entirely from?
  1. Ground water
  2. De-salted sea-water
  3. Lake water
Write the answer to the question
Question 8:
Target 14.3 focus on reducing ocean acidification. Explain what ocean acidification is.

Your answer must be presented in one uploaded picture. You can explain in any way you want (draw, build, create) but please do not just copy the target icon.

You are being judged on scientific correctness, creativeness and how easy to understand your explanation is.

Answer (by file):
Question 9:
Find 1-3 activities you can do with your patrol to help reach the number 14 Goal.

Illustrate the activities as a “scene in a picture”. Dress up, act the activities and take a photo.

Upload it.

Answer (by file):
Great picture
Question 10:
Discuss in your patrol what the one most important thing you all can do in your everyday life to help reach the goal number 14.

You can find inspiration here under "Things to do".

Write down the outcome of your discussion.

Answer (with text):
Great discussion

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