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Nordic Patrol 4-kamp Online News:

  • Welcome to 4-kamp 2021. Competition has ended.

    The results are in: Congratulations to Aviapartio and Zajavat from Finland

  • This year all the questions are made by our representatives in the Nordic. Thanks for all the good questions!
  • RULES THIS YEAR: It has never been a strict rule that patrols should physically sit together during the competition and it certainly is not now. Only rule has been that a recent picture should be provided. If that is not possible this year, we can skip that. It would be fun if something interesting can be submitted, however...
    Also, for the adults out there: please help out the scouts with all the technical stuff and any translation needs. Things are a bit more challenging this year so we want the scouts to focus on the competition itself.

    So to sum it up: patrols can participate without being physically together and the patrol picture is not required. Help out as needed to keep the competition running smothly. Please let me know if there are any questions to this.