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Subject: Example Discipline
This is an example discipline. It is not worth any points!
Question 1:
You are making french fries in a pot on an open fire. Suddenly the oil in the pot catches fire.
What do you do to put out the fire?
Answer (with text):
Put a lid or a fire blanket over the pot. Do NOT use water.
Question 2:
You are going to draw a small part of an orienteering map. Use the normal symbols and colors for an orienteering map.

The area is a very dense Forest (very difficult to go through).
The area is sloping a little (like the side of a mountain).
In the middle of the area there is an open, grassy, round clearing.
There is a straight small path running through the center of the clearing.
The path is sloping very little (up or down).
A small waterhole is somewhere in the clearing.

Submit the drawing.

Answer (by file):
Question 3:
If you are standing with your back towards north and turn 180 degrees - in what direction will your nose point?
Answer (with text):
Question 4:
What does a Hummingbird eat?
Answer (with text):
Question 5:
How old can an oak tree become (alive)?
Answer (with text):
Question 6:
Find a picture of a penguin and upload it.
Answer (by file):
Question 7:
Rise a tent and take a picture of it.

Submit the picture.

Answer (by file):
Question 8:
Why are there so many stupid questions?
Answer (with text):
Otherwise they would not be example questions...

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