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Subject: Spread The Knowledge
This is about spreading the knowledge of the 17 Goals

There are max. 10 points per question.

Question 1:
Some companies use the Goals in the marketing. During the ongoing World Championship in men's Handbold - which company has a banner during some matches saying "DO THE WAVE FOR GOAL 6" and "DO THE WAVE FOR GOAL!"?
  1. Danfoss
  2. Grundfoss
  3. Vattenfall
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Question 2:
What is the World's Largest Lesson?
  1. Critical peoples way of saying that "we deserve it" because we have been doing bad things to the Earth for many years
  2. World's Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action
  3. A Goal about making every school-child around the world read the same book about how we as humans impact the CO2 balance
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Question 3:
A lot of teaching material have been developed about the Goals. Most made for schools but we as scouts can use it as well.
Go to:

Read the cartoon and finish this sentence: End overfishing and _____ fishing

  1. illegal
  2. massive
  3. corporate
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Question 4:
More teaching material. Go to:

Read the cartoon and finish this sentence: Reduce deforestation and _____

  1. save the bees
  2. enhance biohazards
  3. plant more trees
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Question 5:
Go to:
Watch the movie. World's Largest Lesson part 1 (there are more parts)

In the scene with two people wearing white lab coats - which green plant is growing next to them?

  1. A Cactus
  2. A Tree
  3. A Buch
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Question 6:
Go to the book by Yak:

The pages 60-63 is about which goal?

  1. 1: End poverty
  2. 14: Life below water
  3. 17: Partnership for Goals
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Question 7:
Look at the Lazy Persons persons guide to saving the world:

What title do you get on level 1?

  1. Kitchen Masterchef
  2. Bed Cruiser
  3. Sofa Superstar
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Question 8:
Make the general logo for the Goals in materials of your choice

You are being judged on chosen material and how much it assembles the real logo.

Be creative with the material choice! Upload one picture.

Answer (by file):
Question 9:
BE PLATE PIONEERS! Design and upload a poster to show how you in your everyday life can do a little good to the world by putting the right things on your plate.
You can choose to look only at dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks or look at an entire day.
Imagine that the poster could be hanging at a school for children aged 7-15.

You will be judged on presentation and creativeness.

For inspiration go to: Whether you choose to use the toolkit or make your own design is up to you.

Answer (by file):
Cool poster
Question 10:
Create a board game to illustrate, teach and understand the 17 Goals. You can look at the GoGoals-game for inspiration:

Your game does NOT have to be similar. You are being judged on how nice the game looks, creativeness, materials used and the FUN-Factor of playing.

You can draw, paint, build and use any materials you like - perhaps even recycle things for the game. Take ONE picture of your game an upload it.

Answer (by file):
Picture of awesome game

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